Future in your hands

Our aim is to help and support you throughout your training course and to make the process of retraining, skilling up and changing your career as smooth as possible.

Are you ready to make a big career move?

We are an approved/accredited trades training provider with a record of success. We provide the core knowledge required to gain both the technical certification(s) required but also (and this is key) the hands-on training and experience to master your chosen trade – But more than this, we take you beyond technical competence to gain onsite experience and a full NVQ assessment.

One of the reasons we are so highly regarded in trades training and achieve such strong results is that we believe in providing the very best facilities in the country (and, of course the trainers to work in them). We have invested heavily (and continue to do so) to offer the safest and best equipped practical training venues in the UK.

We continue to expand, so there’s very likely a training centre within striking distance. If we’re not in your locality (yet), we provide travel vouchers where necessary to make attending practical training that little bit easier.

And once that aspect of your training has been successfully accomplished, we take you further still. We are the only trades training organisation in the UK that acquires development sites all across the country. We will place you at one of our many development sites to hone your skills still further and gain invaluable on-site experience. Working on ‘live’ projects so that you gain the skills and experience necessary to complete an onsite assessment – the requisite to achieve a full NVQ – your passport to future employment in your chosen trade.